Seamlessly connect and start analyzing right away.

  • access to multiple SQL data sources
  • ability to explore data and create unlimited multi-dimensional reports based on your real-time data
  • create graphs and dashboards and share them with your entire team
  • import/export data into and from your SQL database
  • define user roles and configure permissions
  • simple to use SQL console to run and save your sql code
A dashboard that you can create within ScaiData's ScaiPlatform in a self-service manner for easy business intelligence, in the cloud or on-premises


Automate & Control

  • access your favorite reports based on your real-time data
  • create easy-to-use web workflows that automate your reports and export them directly to your favourite Excel templates
  • create complex workflows that integrate with external systems and define triggers
  • comprehensive workflow overview for project management with relevant statistics for each custom-built workflow.
How workflow automation looks like within ScaiData's self-service ScaiPlatform for workflow automation in the cloud or on-premises