Reduce work time from weeks to minutes

Organize and control the work performed by your team

Why ScaiWorkflow?

ScaiWorkflow allows you to automate data-reliant repetitive tasks and control execution using a simple and customizable web interface.

Reduce time spent on repetitive work

Have real-time overview on how, by whom, and when your workflows are performed

Organize and control the workload

Easily audit your operations based on the execution logs and clean workflow definitions


ScaiWorkflow is a workflow execution software module which creates custom web-apps given formal business process definitions.

It runs on top of the residing data and it can be used for a variety of needs, such as report automation.

Automate reports based on real-time data

  • capture report generation logic as automatic steps of the workflow
  • define what user input is necessary and what the user interface should be composed of
  • upload your favorite document template and export, e-mail or send your report as needed
  • create automatic triggers for reports to be performed periodically

Create complex workflow applications

  • create complex workflows involving multiple steps (automatic or manual steps) and conditional logic
  • involve multiple levels of your organization and grant user or role permissions for certain steps
  • integrate Scai with external system to trigger a data ingest or execute any kind of external logic
  • using standard business process modeling notation (BPMN), your workflows can be easily audited and investigated for performance

Real-time overview

  • have instant overview of the workload of your team and where the problems lie
  • record the user input and find errors before they have an impact
  • use performance statistics to identify bottlenecks