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About Scai

Scai is a business intelligence and reporting automation platform which works in only 3 simple steps.

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Specify your SQL data source and connect instantly

Enter your data source connection information in Scai and immediately explore all of its contents. Scai connects to your database using standard JDBC connections. Multiple sources, no problem. Scai will manage and let you switch between them as you wish. Scai can connect to a variety of SQL data sources. Not sure if your flavour of SQL database is supported? Contact us and we'll be happy to work with you.

Configure access rights

Before exposing data to your organization, define how your organization looks like. Give users specific roles and restrict what data each role is allowed to see or modify. Be specific and perform fine-grained configurations.

No overhead

Scai doesn't cache or store your data. There is no worry about data security and no performance overhead.

SQL Console

Manage your database, execute complex queries and visualize the results through our SQL Console. Save your code as database views.

Explore and manipulate your data

Discover your data in real-time and navigate through schemas and tables. Filter, order and aggregate data to identify entries of interest. Create or load new entries, from your csv or excel files, and delete invalid ones to keep your data clean and relevant. With Scai it is easy to discover and manage your database.

Perform ad-hoc analysis and compare different business KPIs

Identify important business metrics and compare them in different segments of your business and over different periods. It is easy to do in-depth analysis of the business performance and to identify the pain points and bottlenecks.

Create real-time dashboards and graphs that can be shared with the entire team

Save the results of such analyses in graphs, reports or exported files. Easily share them with your organization and create beautiful dashboards for everyone to see.

Automate reporting and create your favourite reports based on your real-time data

Have reports that need to be performed periodically? Would you like to have them in your existing document (xls, pdf, etc.) format? Just define a simple workflow and upload your template and Scai will automate report generation for you. E-mail or export them as you wish.

Create and manage custom-tailored workflows

Define and execute complex workflows that require input from people at various levels in your organization. Use our modeler and define workflows using standard business process modeling notation. Specify automatic triggers, integrate scripts to connect with external systems and capture user input to build complex applications on top of your existing data.

Instant overview of the workflows performed by Scai users for management

Keep an eye on what happens with the workflows performed inside your organization. Whether you want to see what tasks are unassigned, how long things take or what input has been provided, Scai helps you with a real-time overview of the work performed.

Step 1: Connect

Connect to any SQL data source

Step 2: Analyze

Explore and analyze your data

Step 3: Automate and Control

Automate repetitive tasks and manage workflows


Scai contains two different modules.


Seamlessly connect and start analyzing right away.

  • access to multiple SQL data sources
  • ability to explore data and create unlimited multi-dimensional reports based on your real-time data
  • create graphs and dashboards and share them with your entire team
  • import/export data into and from your SQL database
  • define user roles and configure permissions
  • simple to use SQL console to run and save your sql code


Automate & Control

  • access your favorite reports based on your real-time data
  • create easy-to-use web workflows that automate your reports and export them directly to your favourite Excel templates
  • create complex workflows that integrate with external systems and define triggers
  • comprehensive workflow overview for project management with relevant statistics for each custom-built web app.
ScaiData workflow


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