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The top real-time analytics platform for business intelligence, data management and automation in the cloud.

Why our customers like Scai

Easy to use by management and efficient for analysts, consultants and engineers.

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Scai takes 5 minutes to install, connect to your datasource and to get started.

5 minutes to install

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Get the information you need in real-time without waiting or depending on anyone to serve you.

Fast dashboards & reports

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Scai is free in the cloud and it does not require many computing resources.

Free in the cloud

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With its easy-to-use and rich functionality, Scai can be used by both technical and non-technical people.

Multi-purpose platform

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Scai does not lock you in. Both data and logic stay in your databases.

No lock-in

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Reduce workload from weeks to minutes with automated reporting that is fast to build and manage.

Reduce workload with automation

"I was pleasantly surprised by Scai. The platform is fast and responsive, even when the data is remote. It is easy to create graphs/dashboards, query and to get quick insights from the data."

Marijn N., Manager Data Analytics & Risk Management Consulting

Scai is Different.

Scai is a 3 in 1 analytics web platform that helps companies make fast data-driven decisions through real-time data access.

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Business intelligence

  • dashboards with data from disparate datasources
  • join tables, pivot, or aggregate data fast without coding
  • no lock-in, only SQL based reporting
  • the generated SQL code is available to modify and store

Data management

  • explore and manage disparate databases
  • create views/tables through the UI
  • insert, edit, delete records
  • import/export data without coding
  • built-in SQL console to execute all type of coding


  • Significantly reduce time spent on the repetitive workload
  • Automate your spreadsheet reports or data workflows
  • Have reports ready in real-time with all the formulas, fonts, colors
  • Simple UI for automation

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