Workflow overview

When the Workflow overview page is opened you will see all the workflows deployed on the Scai platform. For each such workflow, you will see a number of statistics. Let's see what they mean.

  • Tasks assigned - the number of tasks that are currently assigned to you in that workflow
  • Suitable tasks - the number of tasks that are currently not assigned in that workflow and that are suited to and can be claimed by you
  • Workflows started - the number of workflows that you have initiated
  • Involved in - the number of workflows that you have participated in, i.e. have performed or were assigned at some point a task
  • Completed tasks - the total (all-time) number of tasks that you have performed

Additionally, for Administrator users, the following options are available:

  • Active workflows - the total number of workflows that are active at this moment
  • Completed workflows - the total number of workflows that have been completed

These statistics give you a high-level overview of the work done inside your organization. Further, if you would like to go to a specific workflow's page and start/claim new tasks or dive into any of the statistics mentioned above you can click anywhere on its widget or its statistic numbers.

Workflow page

When you open a specific workflow's main page, you will see a header and a main widget. The header allows you to easily switch between all the statistics mentioned in the Workflow overview section and get complete lists of all tasks performed and current or completed workflows.

By clicking on any statistic you will see detailed information and logs of the work performed. For example, if you click on the Completed workflows tab you will see all workflows that have been already completed in Scai, with their associated start and end dates, the initiator (started_by) of the workflow and also any input that was provided by the users (and configured to be captured in the workflow definition) during the workflow execution. All this information is structured in table format so that you can filter/order it as you would normally do with a database table.


In certain tabs, besides the information about tasks or workflows, you may see some Actions available. We will go through each of them and see what they mean:

  • Tasks assigned - (Start) - allows you to start a task that you claimed or was assigned to you
  • Tasks assigned - (Decline) - decline a task that you have previously claimed or was assigned to you. This basically means refusal to execute that task at this moment.
  • Suitable tasks - (Start) - allows you to claim and already start a task that may be suitable for you. Use this to claim tasks from an open queue (that have not been assigned to anyone)
  • Suitable tasks - (Claim) - self-assign a task that may be suitable to you. This will move the given task from the Suitable tasks list into the Tasks assigned lists.
  • Workflows started - (Cancel) - cancels a workflow that you have started. You will then be asked to provide a valid reason for canceling the workflow.
  • Active workflows - (Cancel) - similar to the Cancel button in Workflows started, this action allows Administrators to cancel any active process after providing a valid reason.

Start a new workflow

Finally from this page, if you have permissions granted, you can start a new workflow by clicking the Start new button on the upper right side of the page. Then you will be guided to execute the next task available in the workflow or back to the workflow page if no such task is currently available for you to execute.