Video tutorials

In order for you to get started at lighting speed, we prepared a few short videos that walk you through Scai's features.

From database to dashboard

A step by step guide

Quick tutorials

1. Connect to a data source and start exploring your data

For more information about exploring data, please go to the getting started section.

2. How to add filters and drill down into your existing data

For more information about filtering, ordering and modifying raw data, please go to the tables and views section.

3. Starting with raw data, create a new graph

For more information about graphs and dashboards, please go to the graphs and dashboards page.

4. Customize the visualizations you want to see in your dashboard

For more information about the different graph types and options, please go to the graph sidebar section.

5. How to aggregate data to get clear overviews

For more information measurements and saving aggregated data, please go to the measurements section.

6. How to load CSV and XLS(X) files

More information: load data files.

7. How to use the SQL console for complex queries

For more information about the SQL console view definitions, please go to the console section.

8. How to quickly filter data

More information: quick filtering.

9. How to add custom fields

More information: custom fields.

10. How to use separate database accounts into ScaiPlatform

More information: integrating database accounts into ScaiPlatform.

11. Table widgets and single metrics

More information: table widgets and single metrics.

12. Joining data

More information: Joins.

13. One-click (blitz) joins

More information: Blitz joins.

14. Showing, hiding, renaming and reordering columns

More information: Column settings.

15. How to execute and manage workflows within the ScaiPlatform

For more information about workflows within the Scai platform, please go to the workflows page.