Business intelligence & reporting.

Users can understand the whole picture in real-time

An easy to create and beautiful dashboard for deriving business intelligence within the ScaiPlatform and you can get started for free

or deep dive into the data for further analysis without extra dependencies.

Freedom to become creative

Self-service dashboards

Anyone in the organization can create such beautiful dashboards. With Scai, sales people, marketing or business analysts, engineers, managers can create their own dashboards by themselves.

A dashboard that you can create within ScaiData's ScaiPlatform in a self-service manner for easy cloud business intelligence

Pin point anomalies

You can explore the data behind the graphs to pin point anomalies and reach the desired information.

Deep dive into interesting information by adding filters. The graph and data will be automatically refreshed with the latest data from your database.

Going back and exploring the data within ScaiData's self-service ScaiPlatform for powerful visualizations and cloud business intelligence that you can try for free.

Share the insights with others

Create graphs of your most relevant report data and store them in configurable dashboards.

Share them with your organization and let others find useful insights based on real-time data.

Sharing a dashboard within ScaiData's self-service ScaiPlatform for collaborative cloud business intelligence.

Create reports without coding

Aggregate and explore your data in real-time without writing any line of code.

Compare across different segments and measurements and drill-down into the datasets.

Store the reports for later exploration.

Anyone in the organization can do it.

Aggregating and exploring data in real-time within ScaiData's self-service ScaiPlatform for easily creating business reports.

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