ScaiPlatform is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace

Amstelveen, March 8th 2019 - ScaiData is now published on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace with ScaiPlatform's two listings for 2 and 10 users. ScaiPlatform is a modern web platform for real-time data analytics and database management. Now, AWS Marketplace customers have the ability to analyze and manage their Amazon Redshift or Amazon Aurora SQL data. The ScaiPlatform was built and designed for companies that need a powerful, affordable, real-time data analytics and management tool for their SQL data sources, including Amazon Redshift and Aurora.

ScaiData offers AWS cloud customers the opportunity to get started for free with business intelligence and SQL database management. ScaiPlatform is a sql reporting tool that integrates seamlessly with the Amazon services. Key features include:

  • Real-time, self-service, sql data analytics: with a couple of clicks, create beautiful dashboards and reports, compare between different segments which enable you to deep dive into your data in real-time. ScaiPlatform shows the latest results from the database and it does not cache your data.
  • Centralized, easy-to-use platform on top of your SQL database: through ScaiPlatform’s user interface and without any coding, both technical and non-technical users can execute standard SQL operations (create, update, delete, etc.) and import/export spreadsheet data. In addition to this, with the built-in user-friendly console, more complex ad-hoc queries can be run and views can be stored into the database.
  • Quick deployment: get up and running in minutes with exploring and analyzing your sql data.

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ScaiPlatform on AWS Marketplace

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At ScaiData, we build an intelligent web platform for real-time business intelligence, data management and workflow automation that reduces workload from weeks to minutes.

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