ScaiPlatform is available on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace

Amstelveen, March 15th 2019 - ScaiData is now published on Microsoft Azure's Marketplace with ScaiPlatform's two listings for 2 and 10 users. Microsoft Azure's customers can choose to get started for free with ScaiPlatform for 2 users in the cloud. ScaiPlatform is a modern web platform for real-time data analytics and sql database management, which integrates seamlessly with Azure SQL.

Key features of ScaiPlatform include:

  • connect, switch between and share data sources with a click of a button
  • beautiful graphs and dashboards can easily be created and shared with other Scai users. Multiple graph types like scatter, line, point, and bar charts are available in Scai.
  • without any coding and with a couple of clicks, users can easily explore and manipulate data, as well as perform multi-dimensional data analysis to compare between different KPIs or segments.
  • through ScaiPlatform's GUI (graphical user interface), new records can be added to existing tables, rows can be deleted based on conditions (e.g. clean datasets from outliers or null values), or existing data can be updated. Moreover, spreadsheet data files can be imported into/exported from your Azure SQL or supported SQL database without writing any SQL-specific code. Scai will take care of that.

ScaiPlatform, one platform to unify your analytics and data sources.

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ScaiPlatform on Microsoft Azure's Marketplace

About ScaiData

At ScaiData, we build an intelligent web platform for real-time business intelligence, data management and workflow automation that reduces workload from weeks to minutes.

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