About Scai

What is Scai?

Scai is a 4 in 1 business intelligence, reporting, database management, and workflow automation web platform for SQL databases that is multi-user and multi-source.

Scai was built and designed for companies that need a powerful, affordable, customizable, and simple data analytics tool for their SQL databases.

How does Scai work?

Scai operates in 4 simple steps: connect, analyze, manage, and automate.


Scai connects seamlessly to your SQL databases (MySQL, SqlServer, PostGreSql, H2, Redshift, etc.). With Scai, you can have any of these SQL data sources centralized into one single platform.

You can connect to multiple SQL databases with a click of a button or share these data sources with other Scai users.

Scai does not cache or store any data, everything remains in your database.


Once you are connected to any SQL data source, beautiful graphs and dashboards can easily created and they can be shared with other Scai users.

Scai supports multiple graph types like scatter, line, point, and bar charts.

With Scai, all tables and views can be explored and data can be filtered, ordered, aggregated, and reports can be created based on it with a couple of clicks.

A unified view of the data coming from multi SQL datasources can be obtained with Scai and its dashboards.


Scai supports most of the SQL operations (create, delete, update, load).

This means that you can directly add new records to your existing tables, delete rows based on conditions(e.g. clean your dataset from null values), update existing data.Scai is so versatile that it can be converted into a custom software solution to store your sales, time tracking, costs, logs, etc.

In addition to this, data can be imported/exported from/into your SQL databases without needing to write any specific sql code. Scai will take care of these for you.


Scai also supports the workflow automation. The workflow automation can be used for reporting automation and generating custom applications that can be used.

With Scai, possibilities are endless and it is very easy to customize it to your own business.