The following conventions will be frequently used in the Scai documentation. For ease of understanding, these terms will be explained here.

  1. view - the result set of a stored query on the data
  2. schema - database schema, refers to the organization of how the database is divided into tables and views.
  3. resource - file that should be used as an asset in the Scai workflow. The file can be an Excel template, a HTML file, images, etc.
  4. Scai, ScaiPlatform - we use these two terms interchangeably to refer to ScaiData's platform for unified analytics, reporting and database management.
  5. source owner - the user that initially created the data source
  6. filter section - the section that appears on top of table data when filters are added. This section contains all the filters that were applied. Clicking on each filter individually allows you to edit that filter.