Connect the ScaiPlatform to Google Cloud SQL

After you have deployed the ScaiPlatform on GCP, you can connect it to your existing Cloud SQL database within minutes. Just follow these steps:

  • go to the ScaiPlatform VM instance details. Copy it's public IP address.
  • go to the Cloud SQL database details and then to Connections.
  • add a new entry to the Authorized networks section and introduce the ScaiPlatform's public ip
  • save the connections and then go back to the Cloud SQL database overview and copy the Cloud SQL's public ip
  • log into the ScaiPlatform, then go to Data sources and click on Create new.
  • select the appropriate database vendor (either MySQL or Postgres)
  • when configuring the url, paste the Cloud SQL's public ip
  • introduce the configured Cloud SQL username and password
  • save the new data source. You can now switch to it, explore and analyze your data!
  • alternatively, you can follow the Google guide to connect to the SQL instance from a Compute Engine VM. You can find this guide on the Instance details page for your Cloud SQL database or follow the guide here.

We strongly recommend you to assign a static IP address to your ScaiPlatform VM instance before connecting to Cloud SQL. You can find additional information about how to do that here.