Column settings

Version: 3.4.0+

Starting with version 3.4.0, you have the possibility to show, hide, rename and reorder columns of a widget containing tabular data.

Column settings window

To show, hide, rename or reorder columns of some tabular data, open the Column settings window . This will open a window containing:

  • the list of shown columns
  • the list of hidden columns (grayed out and having the checkboxes unchecked)

Showing and hiding columns

To show/hide a given column, click on the Show/hide column checkbox next to the name of the column. To show/hide multiple columns, restrict the list of columns by using the search box and then click on the Show/hide columns next to the search box.

Renaming columns

To rename a given column, move the mouse over its name. Then click on the Edit button. Then replace the old column name with the new name you wish to give to the column. If you forget which column has been given a certain name, move the mouse over the Edit button without clicking it.

Reordering columns

To reorder the columns, click and hold the Drag to reorder button, move the column vertically to the position you wish and then release it.


  • hidden custom fields can be shown by accessing the Custom fields window
  • in widgets containing aggregated data, once a column is hidden it cannot be shown back. Use Measures or the Graph module to show it again.
  • once some columns are hidden, shown, renamed or reordered, the representative columns brought in from foreign tables will not be shown anymore. To re-add them, perform the join manually. See the scai.replace.fks configuration setting.