Integrating database accounts in Scai

Version: 3.2.0+

Sometimes, it is preferred to restrict access to data at the database level for each user. When all ScaiPlatform users have associated accounts created at a database level (each with separate credentials and access rights), ScaiPlatform recognizes this association and allows each individual user to:

  • create their own ScaiPlatform data source (using their private credentials)
  • share graphs and dashboards with other users
  • have unrestricted access to all ScaiPlatform functionality (e.g. adding custom fields, using the console, etc.), since the user becomes the owner of their data source


  • for the ScaiPlatform to detect that the sources created by each individual users are actually the same, the introduced JDBC urls must be identical. Otherwise,the ScaiPlatform will treat them as completely different data sources.


Take a look at the video for an example. Let's say we have two ScaiPlatform users alice and bob. Each of these two users have an associated database account created for them, alice_db and bob_db, created by their database administrator, with bob_db only allowed to perform read-only operations. Then, in the ScaiPlatform, alice and bob would each create a new source and enter their private credentials (alice_db for alice and bob_db for bob). Make sure that both JDBC urls introduced are identical.

Then, both alice and bob would be able to explore the data and share graphs and dashboards between them, but at the same time be restricted by their database level access rights.