Table widgets and single metrics

Version: 3.3.0+

Starting with version 3.3.0, you have the possibility to add widgets containing tabular data or single metrics to your dashboards.

Adding a table widget / single metric

To add a widget containing tabular data, navigate to the data source you wish to add and open a table/view. Apply filters, orderings, add custom columns or aggregate data like you would normally do when exploring and trimming a data set. Then you can click on the Add to dashboard button from the header menu of base widget (or of the aggregated data widget).

When the window opens:

  • introduce a name for the widget that will be used as a title for the table widgets or as a label for the single metric widget
  • if you wish to create a single metric widget, select the column you would like to present

    The first value of this column will be presented, thus you should usually add single metrics on aggregated data (e.g. global counts, sums, etc.) or on tables with ordered data

  • select the dashboards you would like to add the widget to or create a new dashboard

You will be able to edit them at a later time as needed after adding them to any dashboard. Also, for table widgets, you will be able to apply the usual operations (filtering, ordering, etc.) while exploring the whole dashboard.